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Astaria, like any other multi-user game, must eventually shut down to clear its caches, install updates, fix bugs, or make changes to the game that the presence of players would interrupt. It is usually a very brief affair, lasting around 10 minutes, but all items stored in guild and estate vaults will be destroyed. Personal vault items and autoloading gear is saved between boots. On average, stable boot uptimes will slightly exceed 2 weeks, but the length may be extended or shortened to test things or to deal with aftereffects of a server crash. A crash is not the same as a reboot, but will still alter the in-game 'uptime' as though it had been a proper reboot. During a crash, player files could be corrupted, you will lose any non-autoloading gear you have on your person, and sometimes you will also lose gear from your personal vault (this is very rare, however). When a crash occurs, the wizardry may decide to reimburse your guild for lost gear, but this is entirely at their discretion, as is the gear they decide to give your guild.

Another type of boot is a chaos boot. During chaos boots, safezones change, resulting in more opportunities for PK . At the end of a chaos boot, the entire realm, including experience and levels, is returned to the pre-chaos-boot state.