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Bards are the bringers of song, humor, and inspiration of the realm. Unlike the spell-casting and sword-slinging guilds, we bards shy away from most common weapons and attacks and prefer to hold only our beloved instruments. We play, sing, dance, and entertain to win our battles. Do not let this fool you because this does not make us helpless, by any means. We are quite skilled, not only at playing our instruments, but in other creative aspects as well. Bards are not just some fighter with a war-song; we are the life of any party.

Bards have amazing skills to inspire individuals through song and poetry or to harm monsters through a haunting dirge. Bards are known to have legendary skills in the ancient art of brewery. Nowhere in the realm will you find better brews, meads, or ales than those made by a bard! We are so good at brewing that often we can be seen barhopping around the realm to sample various tavern delights. Our skills in costuming and dyeing are second to none and provide an amazing array of delights, especially when rare concert occasions occur. Everyone, no matter what guild they are in, enjoys the company of a bard and the inspiration we provide.

Bards are considered to be the all-around glue that hold the realm together. Our abilities to heighten and enhance the lives of others makes us extremely interesting. Although bards are considered to be the wanderers of the realm, many have found this guild to be their home.

All who enjoy the life of music, song, and dance, are welcome to join us! For more information on joining the bards guild, venture to the Cat and Fiddle Pub and take in a brew or two with Hamadraya Yades.

- Mandragora Shelldrake, senior bard.


The Bard Guild was launched along with the A2 incarnation, and was soon joined by the realm's most fun-loving players. With more skills made specifically for roleplaying than any other guild, the bard is the prankster, the lover, and the performer. Croon and perform allow the bard to better convey his emotions to his target; and sidestep makes for a quick getaway if those feelings are unwanted or the taunt was too extreme. And of course, the inspirational poems we recite to others are always welcome, especially by mages.

Bards are a generally fun-loving group. Since there is such a large focus on "fun" or "roleplaying" skills, combat abilities take a backseat. As such, this guild is not especially recommended for newbies. New players won't be ridiculed, as in the thieves' guild, but leveling is more difficult, especially at low levels, than most other guilds.

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