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Str - Low (6)          Dex - High (19)        Con - Low (6)
Int - High (22)        Wis - Average (10)     Cha - Average (10)
Luck - High (20)       Size - Small


Waeccan are small, agile beings with pixie-like features that often keep to themselves. They prefer the solitary life until the time comes to choose a mate and they then travel as a small family unit. The size of the Waeccan is deceptive to its enemy. They can strike lightning fast, often killing a foe before it realizes it has been attacked. Tis a rare Waeccan that stands over four feet in height.

The Waeccan's keen eyesight, lightning fast movements and rapier sharp wit make them amusing company, when they feel compelled to interact with others. They can be charming and disarming, while deciding if you are worth the effort to kill.


Waeccan start out with very little health - this race is not recommended for new players.

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