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The Astarian wizardry is the group of volunteer coders, builders, and other content developers who are responsible for creating and maintaining the game, and for making decisions as to the directions the game's storyline and theme will advance. Generally, wizards are hired from the most experienced players at periods between six months and two years, as new staff are determined to be needed.


The wizardry can be divided roughly into four tiers.

Inactive wizards

The lowest level of wizards, inactives are staff members who are on hiatus or have not been able to log in for an extended period of time. Inactive wizards have had most of their powers removed, though they are returned when the wizard returns to active status. Should a wizard remain inactive for longer than a year, they are likely to have their account deleted.


Apprentices are active, but are wizards-in-training and have not yet earned full wizard status. Typically they operate with a subset of full wizard powers for the duration of their apprenticeship period. After successfully completing a major project, they will be upgraded to full, active wizard status at the discretion of their mentor and the administration. To limit distractions from the general playerbase, apprentice wizards are generally always invisible, and not listed in 'who wiz'.


Builders are special coders with no access to the live game and build areas in a special environment. The work done by builders is heavily reviewed and scrutinized to Astaria's standards before their code is placed into the live game.


The majority of staff members hold the rank of wizard, subdivided into four levels. These are the people who write the bulk of the code and perform the day-to-day routine tasks of building and maintaining the MUD.


While technically also considered to be wizards, administrators have an additional responsibility in the maintenance of the MUD's physical hardware, in directing the coding projects and efforts of other wizards, in selecting and training new apprentices, in deciding upon the rules of conduct governing the players of the game, and other such tasks relating to operating the MUD.

Current Staff


Araska, Cylis, Jezu, Raganim




Elder Wizards:

Edison, Nawara, Valyn


Aeschix, Leod

Arch Wizards:


Cailet, Fallen, Illari, Surge, Vanderbos



Clovis, Janin, Mri, Svartalfar, Tllyx, Variax

Former Staff

Adele, Alexia, Aurora, Aquila, Armus, Azure, Bale, Beldin, Clovis, Daerath, Erdos, Empacher, Grigori, Grout, Itar, Jack, Janin, Jeniun, Kafka, Kalder, Khallis, Kystan, Leorea, Lilandra, Lloyd, Magnus, Mamoru, Mephisto, Meryiotes, Milaandra, Mustafa, Myo, Osiris, Nix, Otis, Panic, Perrin, Phoebe, Porkins, Quasimodo, Quinton, Rafael, Rakasta, Raligad, Ramar, Randle, Saavedra, Sarabi, Sebastian, Selina, Seti, Shylo, Shulgi, Silvervein, Solistaran, Soulsinger, Sulmori, Svartalfar, Teek, Tllyx, Tinamou, Validus, Verbatim, Yizashi