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Str - Low (6)          Dex - High (22)        Con - Low (6)
Int - High (20)        Wis - Average (10)     Cha - High (19)
Luck - Average (10)    Size - Small


Sylph are elemental beings rarely seen outside their native plane of air. However, in rare cases, if their summoner fails to dispel them properly, they may be trapped in the physical realm. Though they lose most of their native abilities in this existence, they retain some measure of their quickness in both mind and body, including the ability of flight.

Small, agile, and fair, sylph are often mistaken for pixies or faeries. All retain delicate, functional wings, and prefer to appear in female form, dressed in light and flowing gowns. Little is known of their social orders, as they tend to keep to themselves and are wary in dealings with mortal beings.

Though their speed and nimbleness would allow them to excel in physical careers, they invariably choose to pursue magical paths. In addition, their minds are woefully undisciplined and unsuited to psionics.


Though they can join the elementalists, they have a small restriction: They cannot choose the element of earth as their primary specialization, thus the synergies of diamond and iron are unavailable to them.

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