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The Druids of Astaria are an ancient, secretive order and have long denied membership to the Realm's myriad adventurers. However, in defiance of Artrimas' paladins and in response to Xeraphena's incessant goading, Dragmar committed himself to a lengthy recruitment campaign at some point in Astaria's Third Incarnation, solidifying the Realm's Druidic Circle as a permanent and official guild, doors now open to all adventurers.

Druids command power over the natural world, their talent granted through their God Dragmar. As devotees of balance, they see most success when they adhere strictly to Dragmar's edicts and do not stray from his path.

Druids possess a variety of lores that reflect their deep, sacred respect for the natural world. As a druid, you will cultivate plantlife, claim your own personal grove, befriend a lifelong animal companion, and bind your spirit to an animal guide, adopting its tendencies and gaining the ability of shapechanging. Druids also extend influence over nature itself, able to call upon and magnify the atmosphere, weather, and seasons.

Druids cultivate wisdom and pass on their traditions orally. For ages, druids have seen great success by nurturing the ties within their own Druidic community; through cooperation, druids can accomplish great things.

If you would be interested in committing yourself to the druidic lifestyle, the entrance to the guild may be found 16 north of Grand Hall. The ancient Forest Stone marks the location of the Druidic Circle.

- Ailidh the Forester

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