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Str - High (22)        Dex - High (19)        Con - High (20)
Int - Low (6)          Wis - Low (6)          Cha - Average (10)
Luck - Average (10)    Size - Average


Lacertain are a vicious reptilian/human crossbreed whose physical strength and endurance are legendary. Lacertain have underdeveloped mental capabilities but are fierce combat warriors. Lacertain are bloodthirsty fighters who react by instinct and exhibit little regard for those outside their race.

Thus, they consider themselves the ultimate warriors due to their brute strength and sheer physical force.


While considered the best choice for fighters, paladins, and some clerics in the "A2" incarnation of Astaria due to the way in which stat increases were handled, their use has declined somewhat since the introduction of the "A3" incarnation. Nevertheless, with their high strength and dexterity, and innate resistance to all forms of physical damage, they are certainly one of the easier races to play, if only until mid-game.

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