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Str - Low (6)          Dex - High (20)        Con - Average (10)
Int - Average (10)     Wis - High (21)        Cha - High (20)
Luck - Low (6)         Size - Average


Nereid are an elemental race native to water, and are unique in their love for this realm, particularly the oceans. Oft times, they may be heard at night, singing in hauntingly beautiful voices, and many a ship has been lost as the crew fell under their spell.

Though they sacrifice some of their ability to move freely in water when they opt for life on land, they retain the ability to breathe underwater with no penalty. When on land, they may adopt a variety of mortal forms, but most prefer to appear as fair skinned, light haired females, though some males may occasionally be found.


Though Nereids can join the elementalists, there is a small restriction: They are barred from choosing the element of fire as their primary specialization, thus they cannot choose the synergies of light or magma.

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