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The world of Astaria is full of secrets. Riddles and tricks, games and illusions (and sometimes allusions...) that both frustrate and delight. The different items available in the realm come in an unimaginably diverse array of shapes and sizes, but here we will cover a few of the more common types and their uses.

A very long list of items and what they do can be found here: idlist_jan_2011.xls
Also available now, conveniently, online at Google Docs: List of Doom

Innumerable people have worked on this spreadsheet since its creation over 10 years ago, this is one that I (Ectorofastaria, Carcemich, etc) modified after finding it on Norson's website. Short list of players who have contributed to this thing before it was posted here: Cronos, Osiris, Orpheus, and Norson.