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Str - Average (10)     Dex - High (22)      Con - Average (10)
Int - High (20)        Wis - Low (6)        Cha - Low (6)
Luck - High (19)       Size - Small


Gnomes are kin to dwarves, but they are much smaller than their distant cousins. Gnomes like to maintain that it is not only their height that is smaller, but they are also much less rotund than dwarves. Gnomes live a happy life, but tend to shy away from the larger humanoids. Gnomes are generally very intelligent as well as quick, and have an acquired eye for treasure that other races tend to overlook.

Gnomes make excellent mages and elementalists with their high intelligence. Their superb dexterity makes them excellent thieves as well. Their below average wisdom makes them passable clerics, and their lower constitution rather poor fighters. There has been no recorded gnome psion, bard, druid, or paladin in Astarian history.


While gnomes can join the elementalists, there is a small restriction: They may not choose the element of air as their primary specializations; thus, the synergy elements of electricity and ether are unavailable to them.

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