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Str - Low (6)          Dex - Average (10)     Con - Low (6)
Int - High (21)        Wis - High (20)        Cha - High (20)
Luck - Average (10)    Size - Slight


Elves, as a rule, are a race of very high, almost regal beings. They resemble humans, but there are great differences. Most elven races are not as strong or physically built as humans. This may seem to be a disadvantage, but their heightened agility and mental powers greatly make up for their physical shortcomings. Elves also tend to have better defined features than humans, making them somewhat more attractive.

Elves can excel in almost any guild if they apply themselves, but they do not care for the lifestyle of a paladin.


Their luck is listed as "low" in the in-game help files but starts at 10; it is believed that this is a typo.

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