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Str - High (20)        Dex - High (21)        Con - Average (10)
Int - Low (6)          Wis - High (20)        Cha - Average (10)
Luck - Low (6)         Size - Average


Humans are the basic race in the land of Astaria. They are normal in every sense of the word. Due to their vastly varied nature, they can become anything they wish, be it mage, thief, fighter, etc. Humans are not, however, superb in any one area. They are more of a jack of all trades. Humans are the standard by which all other races are based.

Humans, being the standard by which other races are measured, can excel in any profession they choose, providing they apply themselves and work hard to improve their skills.


Small note for those considering choosing this race: The city of Westkeep in Altheon is a constant warzone, fighting between orcish forces and human forces happens every 2-3 game weeks, or when a player places the flag of the opposing force atop the keep. If orcs are guarding the city, they will attack any human player on sight. Intentionally fighting the guards at low levels is inadvisable.

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