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As the stain of evil surrounding Astaria struggles to subsist in the world, one collected force of the closest warriors devotes their entire existence to beating the malevolence back: The Paladins Guild. Pledging your life to the cause of Artrimas, deity of all things Just and Good, is no simple matter. Your life will be hard, it will be selfless, but most of all it will require an unwavering faith that must not be broken, even in the face of the Evil goddess Xeraphena herself.

Once you complete your pledge and become a part of the guild, Artrimas will bestow upon you a Shield of Faith, the symbol of a true Paladin. This shield is a testament to the superior fighting prowess of our kind, for our zeal combined with our holy abilities will bring a divine wrath of destruction upon any enemy that may dare stand against us. Paladins are unique in the way they excel in battle against Evil creatures; even the undead cower in fear when a Paladin approaches.

Alone, you will have the strength to defeat your enemies and the spirit to sway Evil to the side of Good, yet only the united efforts of the entire Guild will unlock the true powers of Artrimas. These united efforts we call Crusades, campaigns of which our deeds are still renowned throughout the land. Join us as a Crusader of Light, add your might and your valor to ours, and watch as the realm marvels at the furious rumble of our warcries and the ashes left behind from our fiery pillars of holy wrath. If you have interest in becoming a Defender of Good, seek Rodan inside the Temple of Artrimas.

Quixote, Master of Training

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