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The numbers are what your character starts with before customization.

Str - Low (6)          Dex - Average (10)     Con - Low (6)
Int - High (20)        Wis - High (21)        Cha - Average (10)
Luck - High (20)       Size - Large


Aldonians are a highly intelligent, mystical race that relies on their developed 'sixth' sense. Aldonians shy away from hand to hand combat and prefer to use their mystical and mental abilities. The most striking physical characteristic of the Aldonian is their tall stature... males can stand 7 feet tall and females a statuesque 6 and a half feet. They have slim, graceful bodies and normally fair complexions and light colored eyes.

Aldonians make excellent mages and psions, and passable clerics that rely more on the powers granted them by their god than physical combat. Aldonians would NEVER be fighters, thieves, elementalists, druids, or paladins. Some Aldonians are blessed with dulcet voices and fine musical talents and high charismatic features that help them be quite passable bards.


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