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Str - Average (10)     Dex - High (21)        Con - High (20)
Int - Low (6)          Wis - Average (10)     Cha - High (20)
Luck - Low (6)         Size - Slight


Salandrine are a human/salamandrin crossbreed that have a natural resistance to fire and are in touch with the mystical powers of the elements. Salandrine are normally docile beings, with smooth, soft, finely-scaled skin. They excel in all elemental magics, but their affinity lies in the warmth of their desert homeland.

Salandrine are fascinated by fire and attracted to water. They are excellent swimmers. Physically they tend to be smaller and slighter than normal humans with vivid colored eyes and hair.


While their racial is nothing to sneeze at, their sp, ability to gain sp, and sp regen rate, is arguably worse than that of a lacertain's. While they can join the elementalists, they have a small restriction: They cannot choose the element of water as their primary specialization, thus the synergies of ice and vapour are unavailable to them.

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