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Elementalist guild is different from others in many ways. The biggest difference is the ability to choose two out of four basic elements as your specialization: air, fire, earth, and water. Your choice allows you to obtain greater skill with those particular elements. However, balance must be upheld and your skill with the elements opposite to the ones you specialize in will be proportionally weakened. Upon choosing both specializations, the mastery of a new, synergistic element becomes available to the elementalist which grants some truly unique possibilities.

There is great variety in our character abilities and some say that elementalists are 8 guilds in one. The difference between various specializations may not be vast but it adds a personal flavour to combat as our battle rites look and work differently depending on the element invoked.

Elementalists also receive a fine selection of defensive wards that mages can only envy. Most spectacular, however, is our ability to conjure the most powerful companions known to the realm - the magnificient greater elementals, which are solely capable of endearing one to this guild. Others are envious of our ability to travel to far, distant lands in an instant by working the elements in our favor.

If you feel intrigued and consider yourself to be diligent enough to study the lores of the elements, you should visit Foveas, Spirit of the Winds. He currently resides 6 west, 1 south from Starkeep's Grand Hall, and will receive inquiries about joining our guild.

Nerissa Lorelei, Mistress of the Waves

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The Elementalist guild is certainly unique in its mechanics. One, all guild powers rely solely on your skills, your statistics matter not, other than to give you more hp and sp. Two, all offensive powers require your "guild object," your staff, to be wielded. Finally, all abilities of the guild have a skill level component to their requisites. While all skills before guild level 7 have a skill level requisite in line with the maximum skill trainable at that level, all abilities after guild level 7 require you to have specialized in the element the rite is governed by, to use it at the lowest possible level. Thus, a level 18 elementalist with the air primary specialization can conjure a greater elemental of some sort once fully trained. Prior to the present incarnation of Astaria, any elementalist that did not choose air as his or her primary specialization could have waited until their player level allowed them to have the base skill needed for the rite (as it is now), or have their skills artificially boosted, such as by the bard skill inspire.