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Welcome to Astaria, ye simple Traveller.

In your travels through our mystic lands, you will behold many wonders. You will see great magicians call lightning from the sky, holy men raise the dead, and simple warriors slay dragons with nothing but a sword and a shield. You will be amazed, but always left asking yourself 'How did they do that?' Yes, great wonders you will see, however, if you would like to fully understand the world around you, there is only one group in Astaria that can teach you.

The Brotherhood of Psions do not pull their powers from cheap tricks by simple street magicians or beg on their knees for the Almighty Gods to lend them their powers to slay an enemy. Their powers are not based on the sharpness of their sword or the powers of the elements around them. They require only a strong will and a sharp intellect.

The life of a Psion is guided by only one thing - his vast intelligence. With it, he roams the realm not in wonder, but with certainty. His battles are not won by using a physical presence to abolish an enemy, but rather by overpowering his opponents weak and fragile mind.

If it is your choice to join the Brotherhood of Psions, as an apprentice you will need to overcome many hardships while you take in the vast amount of knowledge required to rightly be called a Master. If your will is strong enough to succeed through your apprenticeship, unimaginable power will fill your very being, and you will no longer just be a spectator of the realm.

If you believe you have the will to become not just a master of some guild, but a Master of the Realm, your journey may begin by speaking to Brother Caitan, located in the Tower of Knowledge.

Aesara Thoughtweaver

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