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Str - High (22)        Dex - Low (6)          Con - High (20)
Int - Low (6)          Wis - High (19)        Cha - Average (10)
Luck - Average (10)    Size - Small


Dwarves are a race of short people, but don't think of this as a disadvantage. Dwarves are superb fighters and are not known to show fear in battle. They don't tend to be a most intelligent group of people, or the most agile, but the huge axes that they are known to carry seem to balance this fact.

Dwarves, with their stocky, strong builds, make excellent fighters or paladins. Their below average dexterity makes them clumsy thieves and their average wisdom only passable clerics. Due to their wanton disregard for the natural world, dwarves are not allowed to be druids. Dwarves just don't have the musical talent to be very good bards. Their lacking intelligence leaves them unqualified for elementalists, mages, and psions.


There is possibly a typo/red herring here in that dwarves have started with high wisdom since the beginning of the "A3" incarnation, but their description has existed for far, far longer.

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