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The numbers are what your character starts with before customization.

Str - Average (10)     Dex - High (22)        Con - Low (6)
Int - High (19)        Wis - Low (6)          Cha - Average (10)
Luck - High (20)       Size - Average


The Catfolk are a race of humanoid felines. They greatly resemble humans except for the feline facial features and hair covered bodies. They are slightly smaller in build than a human, but tend to be a much more charismatic race, as well as slightly more intelligent. The thing that they are known most for, though, is their amazing agility. They are very fleet of foot and agile.


Traditionally, you'll find catfolk among the thief and bard guilds. Their low wisdom makes them not exceptional spellcasters, and their average strength makes them below average meat heads.

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