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Str - Low (6)          Dex - Average (10)     Con - Low (6)
Int - High (19)        Wis - Average (10)     Cha - High (21)
Luck - High (21)       Size - Average


The Romanae love and live life to its fullest, admiring beauty and valuing true artistic talent above all else. Their graceful, lithe bodies inflame passions when they dance or sing, often while lightening the purses of their audience at the same time. Romanae are wanderers, usually never staying long in any one place.

Romanae come in all sizes, shapes and complexions, and are on the whole, stunningly beautiful or handsome. Romanae prefer to use their cunning skill and wit over physical violence.


While they are one of the better choices for the bards, keep in mind their low constitution and vulnerability to cutting damage.

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