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A world of wonder, mystery, and most of all unfathomable power: this is the world of the mage. The never ending pursuit of knowledge, and power is what every mage consigns himself to. The study of magic is to seek understanding of the incomprehensible. It is to try to bend to your will that which does not wish to be controlled. The potential is limitless, and the power is unimaginable. The mage is a rare being capable of doing an incredibly wide variety of things with his powers and skills. This power comes at a cost, of course. This knowledge require intense research, study, and practice: often at the expense of the mage's physical well being or health. For this reason, mages are not well equipped for hand to hand combat, yet their mighty spells certainly make up for this fact. Undeniably, to choose the path of the mage is to choose a path of wonder, and a path of never-ending excitement. And of course, it is a path whose ultimate terminus is otherworldly power.

Welcome, traveller..

There are powers at work which you cannot yet see, mysteries and secrets 
await your discovery, the Mage guild provides you with answers which no 
other guild can. The fabric of Astaria's reality surrounds us - only the 
Magi may comprehend it. Should you wish to study the lore and spellwork 
of Magicians past then you will be greatly rewarded.

Astaria's Mage guild is the finest guild these parts of the world have 
to offer; you will be challenged, you will learn how to succeed beyond 
your peers should you want it.

You shall collect gear, money and trinkets like the best of them, other
adventurers will come to depend upon your ability to enchant their armor 
and reveal the unseen as you see fit - your list of accomplishments will 
grow long indeed in Astaria's Mage guild.

To sate your curiosity, visit me in the Academe Archanus; 2 East, 2 South 
and 1 Up from Starkeep's Grand Hall, and 'inquire mage'. I will then 
instruct you on how to begin your study of magical lores.

- Listan, Astaria's Practitioner of Stationary Magery


A minimum Intelligence score of 12 is required to join the guild.

Mage Skills

The eight schools of magic are the following:

  1. Abjuration
  2. Alteration
  3. Conjuration
  4. Divination
  5. Enchantment
  6. Illusion
  7. Invocation
  8. Necromancy

Mage Spells

 _                                                           _
| |       Mage Guild Spells, Powers, and Other Mayhem       | |
| |_________________________________________________________| |
| |                                                         | |
| |   general: guild, gtitle, tarot, follower               | |
| |                                                         | |
| |                                                         | |
| |   1: light, magedart       11: manabolt, phase          | |
| |   2: shield                12: fray, aethertap          | |
| |   3: darkness, perceive    13: enchant, glamour         | |
| |   4: soulfire, wizmark     14: fireball, forcefield     | |
| |   5: blur, fetter          15: mpose, pcoach, skygate   | |
| |   6: familiar, identify    16: mindwipe, necroward      | |
| |   7: acid, pocket          17: phantasm, scry           | |
| |   8: magesight, mislead    18: gemstrike                | |
| |   9: mageward, harrow      19: fracture, gatespawn      | |
| |  10: bolt, wizeye          20: foretell, masterguild    | |
| |                                wildfire                 | |

Guild commands

Your libram esoterica, your grimoire, your mystic omnibus, by far your most  
prized possession.  It contains the spells and mageries you weave to impress  
friends and destroy enemies. The inside cover contains a brief index that     
details some abilities granted to all mages and directs the reader to specific
chapters pertaining to particular subjects.
 _                                                                          _ 
|~|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| |
| |                The Fundamentals of Magic and Wizardry                  | |
| |________________________________________________________________________| |
| |                                                                        | |
| |                                                                        | |
| | Command       Argument      Description                                | |
| | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | |
| | fix           guildob       Replaces a lost spellbook.                 | |
| | last          guild         Shows recent chats on the mage channel.    | |
| | guild         <message>     Chats over the mage channel.               | |
| | tune guild    <on|off>      Tunes you in and out of the mage channel.  | |
| | guild notify  <on|off>      Toggles notification of mage logins.       | |
| | magewho       none          Shows any mages currently in the realm.    | |
| | gtitle        <title>       Sets your magewho title.                   | |
| | reference     none          Shows a list of available guild spells.    | |
| | reference     index         Shows your book's index of topics.         | |
| | reference     <topic>       Gives information on a particular topic.   | |
| |                                                                        | |
| |   Notable topics for new mages: reference skills, reference <skill>.   | |

Guild hall

Academe Archanus (from GH: 2e, 2s, 1u)


  • Maraxus (current; elected March 16, 2023)
  • Wair (emeritus; elected June 13, 2019; re-elected February 19, 2021, October 18, 2021)
  • Rahalm (emeritus; elected November 13, 2020; re-elected June 12, 2021)
  • Ethan (emeritus; elected March 24, 2020; re-elected July 9, 2020)
  • Ilateur (emeritus; elected September 7, 2017; re-elected April 29, 2019, December 20, 2019)
  • Erasmo (emeritus; elected September 16 2019)
  • Tanis (emeritus; elected October 15, 2018; re-elected January 18, 2019)
  • ???

Skill trainer

Tavian Patternbreaker (top floor of mage guild hall)


Character titles

Acceptable choices are mage, evoker, arcadian, necromancer, and sorcerer.

newtitle < list | mage | evoker | arcadian | necromancer | sorceror >
Guild Level Mage Titles Evoker Titles Arcadian Titles Necromancer Titles Sorcerer Titles
1 [Player Name], Initiate of Magecraft [Player Name], Initiate of Elements [Player Name], Initiate of Arcadia [Player Name], Initiate of the Dark Arts [Player Name], the Novice of Alteration
2 [Player Name], Student of Cantrips [Player Name], Student of Earth [Player Name], Student of Sylvan Arts [Player Name], the Novice of Souls [Player Name], the Novice of Abjuration
3 [Player Name], Student of Alchemy [Player Name], Student of Air [Player Name], Student of Charms [Player Name], the Novice of Death [Player Name], the Novice of Forces
4 [Player Name], Student of Evocations [Player Name], Student of Fire [Player Name], Student of Illusions [Player Name], the Student of Dark Magic [Player Name], the Student of Dimensions
5 [Player Name], Student of Transference [Player Name], Student of Water [Player Name], Student of Glamours [Player Name], the Student of Energies [Player Name], the Apprentice of Disjunction
6 [Player Name], Student of Bindings [Player Name], Student of Synthesis [Player Name], the Apprentice Enchanter [Player Name], the Apprentice Necromancer [Player Name], the Summoner of Forces
7 [Player Name], Student of Sympathies [Player Name], the Apprentice Conjurer [Player Name], the Journeyman Enchanter [Player Name], the Apprentice of Lifedraining [Player Name], the Binder of Forces
8 [Player Name], Student of Synchronicity [Player Name], the Journeyman Conjurer [Player Name], the Weaver of Charms [Player Name], the Skilled Necromancer [Player Name], the Weaver of Forces
9 [Player Name], the Apprentice Mage [Player Name], the Apprentice Channeler [Player Name], the Weaver of Illusions [Player Name], the Bender of Energies [Player Name], the Shatterer of Forces
10 [Player Name], the Journeyman Mage [Player Name], the Journeyman Channeler [Player Name], the Weaver of Glamours [Player Name], the Summoner of Dark Magic [Player Name], the Accomplished Forcemage
11 [Player Name], Sorceror of the Third Circle [Player Name], the Forge of Conjunctions [Player Name], Ward of the Sidhe [Player Name], the Borrower of Lifeforces [Player Name], the Crafter of Bindings
12 [Player Name], Sorceror of the Second Circle [Player Name], the Forge of Conduits [Player Name], Guardian of the Rath [Player Name], the Adept Lifedrainer [Player Name], the Breaker of Bonds
13 [Player Name], Sorceror of the First Circle [Player Name], the Forge of Elements [Player Name], Enchanter of the Rath [Player Name], Disruptor of Energies [Player Name], Seeker of Dimensions
14 [Player Name], Master of Lesser Magics [Player Name], the Crucible of Nature [Player Name], Enchanter of Gwydion's Line [Player Name], Twister of Souls [Player Name], the Planeshifter
15 [Player Name], Magus of the Terrestrial Sphere [Player Name], the Master of Earth [Player Name], Enchanter of Llew's Line [Player Name], Master of the Dark Arts [Player Name], the Channeler of Enchantments
16 [Player Name], Magus of the Discordant Sphere [Player Name], the Master of Air [Player Name], Enchanter of Math's Line [Player Name], Taker of Lifeforces [Player Name], Lord of Dimensions
17 [Player Name], Magus of the Harmonic Sphere [Player Name], the Master of Fire [Player Name], Enchanter of Oberon's Line [Player Name], Master of Death [Player Name], the Unraveller of Bindings
18 [Player Name], Magus of the Celestial Sphere [Player Name], the Master of Water [Player Name], High Enchanter of Winter [Player Name], the Frozen Flame [Player Name], Infuser of Magic
19 [Player Name], Impresario of the Spheres [Player Name], the Sovereign of Elements [Player Name], High Enchanter of Summer [Player Name], Lord of Dark Magic [Player Name], the Dimensional Bridge
20 Archmage [Player Name], Initiate of Old Magic Archmage [Player Name], Sculptor of Nature Mystic [Player Name], Scion of Tirnaoge Necromancer [Player Name], the Soulstealer High Sorcerer [Player Name], the Esoteric Weaver

Alternatively, a player can request a custom title. The player's guild and player level must total at least 40 before being able to receive a custom title.

custom [pretitle <type>]

Custom titles cost one crown. A player can receive a plain custom title, or one with a pretitle type. The pretitle types are the same selections listed when you use the 'titles types' command. After entering your custom title, you'll be prompted to confirm it. If, while selecting, you're unhappy with your title choice, you can skip out and save your crown by typing 'q' at the yes/no prompt.

If a valid pretitle type isn't given, the pretitle defaults to the player's current clan rank.

Guild titles


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