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Your heritage selection helps give your character background, and depth. Prior to joining a guild, you must first complete your heritage levels which will help you become familiar with the realm and it's adventurers.

There are ten heritages available to Astarians:

Your heritage can be chosen purely to fit your sense of aesthetics but there are also some pragmatic subtleties some players will take advantage of:

  • Each heritage has their own "pose" that you can use to add some action to a conversation.
  • Your heritage training may provide you with a measure of ability for the "skills" you will use when you join your guild.
  • As a player advances through his or her heritage levels, each heritage will provide slightly different hp/sp/ep raises. Note though, the hp/sp/ep you get from each player level increase (the majority of your increases) is likely unaffected by your choice of heritage.
  • There are some interesting objects that are only usable by players of a certain heritage. Learning about the objects and their uses is a small part of Astaria's "mystique" that keeps players having fun for years. Don't worry though, few players would regret their heritage choice.

Astaria is dedicated to not only providing an environment where one can adventure, but also where one can roleplay their character and find entertainment in many ways.

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