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In Astaria, it is possible to intentionally attack and kill other players. In the past incarnations of Astaria, there were no limits placed on who could engage in PK. Presently, no player beneath level 5 may engage in PK, nor can anybody engage in PK with another whose level difference in character level is greater than 10. There are other rules listed in the in-game 'help pk' file, which must be followed to the letter of what is written. The third rule of this file is extremely subjective and open to liberal interpretation:

3) You may not kill randomly; you must have a valid, in-game rationale for
   any player kill.  A player may only be killed one time for any given 
   justification, and may not be attacked again unless giving additional 
   reasons.  For instance, if a thief steals your fangs, you may attack him
   or her for it, but you may not kill them more than once for that theft.
   Should they steal from you a second time, you may kill them a second

Therefore, with the head administrator's position of ...

Kilian [astaria]: libel, slander, it still fits. In these days, you get killed for that stuff.

... the A2 reason "they stole my goats" is perfectly valid, even when no goats were stolen.

In short, if you are a newbie, and have an opinion, keep it to yourself. If you voice it, you will be PKed by someone who has a valid, in-game rationale for player kill. Astaria is not a democracy; Astaria has no protection of speech.

You have been warned.