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One of the foremost means of leveling up in the game is completing quests available throughout the realm. These quests vary in difficulty and rewards, from opening up new areas (such as the beach in the low-level South Path quest) to giving great deals of experience points and coin. Completing some quests on the first try will result in 2x the reward. To see a list of available quests in game, type: quest To see a specific quest's hint file, type: quest <questname>

Kill Quests

Kill quests are quests that give a bonus of experience points and money for killing a number of specific monsters within certain areas of the game. Kill quests which are available can be seen within the quest list which is displayed when you type 'quest'; along with the minimum player level you need to be in order to do the quest for the bonus. It should be noted that you can always kill the monster involved in the kill quest regardless of your player level however you need to be a minimum player level in order to undertake the kill quest related to those monsters. The restriction is ONLY on player level and not guild level.

Currently available kill quests are:

kq_checkers - Checkers Kill Quest - No minimum player level requirement
kq_vest1 - Moaning Skeleton Kill Quest - Minimum player level 3
kq_rats - Bog Rat Kill Quest - Minimum player level 5
kq_dragons - Water Dragon Kill Quest - Minimum player level 8
kq_vest2 - Ghast Kill Quest - Minimum player level 10
kq_amazon - Amazon Guard Kill Quest - Minimum player level 12
kq_oni - Oni Kill Quest - Minimum player level 25

By typing 'quest <questname>' you are given details of the location of the kill quest as well as which non-player-character to speak with in order to start the quest as well as complete the quest to get the bonus rewards.

Kill Quest Locations:

Checkers - Head north from Astaria's Grand Hall until you are almost at the Astaria City North Gate and you will see a door to the west heading into a tavern. Visit the tavern and ask the lacertain about the quest. The checkers are located in the checkers/chess arena just east off the north road halfway between Astaria and Sunhillow.

Skeletons - Head west from the Astaria's Grand Hall to the Vestachelon Cemetery, head to the south gate and ask the hero there about the horrible skeletons that are roaming the lands. But beware of the dreaded dire wolves that loom around the cemetery's towers and center are quite angry and may attack you on sight and even inflict you with disease.

Rats - Head to Altheon. From the Altheon ship docks go east and northward along the road until you see the first east past which will lead you to a small village. Walk east a few and then north into the home of James and ask him about those vermin, the rats of the Sargaul Bog! Then head back to the main road and follow it southward to the bogs. Just before the bogs you will pass the Altheon Outpost (do not enter since monsters in there are very hard and will kill you). The bogs are located north off the road just past the outpost and be sure to bring a torch to light and burn leeches off! Leeches inhabit the bogs and will get onto you and slowly damage you over time, but rest assured a lit torch can burn them off (burn leech with torch).

Water Dragons - Head to the bogs and talk to the hero at the entrance of the bogs, then go forth and decimate the population of water dragons of the bogs!

Ghasts - Ask the same hero for the skeleton quest about the hoards of ghasts inhabiting the cemetery.

Amazons - Head to Altheon. The Green Griffon Inn is located on the main road between Starfall and Westkeep (northeastern Altheon). Beside the inn you'll find and art gallery, head all north and east. Enter mural. Then head 2 east and several north to find the amazon fortress. You should ask Bomer about the quest first to begin it and he is located 1 or 2 east and 1 or 2 south from the entrance to the fortress.

Oni - Head to the distant lands of Sakai. From the sakai docks head east until you see a sign and a north exit then head all the way north onto the mighty Ryu Mountain; at the base of it you will find a catfolk warrior. Talk with him to begin your quest for the slaughter of the mighty Oni's high upon the mountain.

To start a particular kill quest, first find the NPC to speak with and begin asking them questions related to the quest description given when you type 'quest <questname>'. I.E. 'ask ghost about ghast' or 'ask james about rats' for the ghast or rat kill quests. The NPC will offer you the quest and prompt you to type 'accept' to begin the kill quest. Once the kill quest has begun you can go kill the monsters and increase the quest count to the required number of monsters for the specific quest before you can cash in for the quest rewards. To see how far along you are in the kill quest you can type 'kqstatus' and the game will tell you how many monsters you have killed and the total number of monsters needed to kill to finish the kill quest. Once you have reached the required number of kills, simply walk back to the quest NPC and type 'complete'. You may then begin the quest again by asking the NPC about the quest and typing 'accept' again.

It should be noted that kill quests give DOUBLE the experience and cash reward the first time you complete them so it is a good idea to do each kill quest at least once.

Some kill quests, specifically the ghast kill quest in the vestachelon cemetery southwest of astaria city may be done while in a party with other adventurers. In order to party while doing a kill quest you must first have completed the kill quest by yourself. When in a party and doing a kill quest you may kill an endless number of the specific monsters and the reward is scaled off how many you killed when you cash in the quest. For example the ghast kill quest in single player needs 10 ghasts killed and any killed above the ten will not count towards more of a reward when you cash the quest in however if you are in a party ('help party') and kill the ghasts together you could kill up to 100 ghasts and cash the quest in for a very large reward.

One of the best ways to level a character up and to make money is doing a kill quest such as the ghast kill quest with a large number of people in your party. While the experience and money gained from each ghast is split between all the party members, each player gets the full quest reward experience and money. A large party can kill ghasts very quickly.

A good way to level yourself up is to do kill quests of higher and higher required level and work your way up to the higher level kill quests.

Note: If you log off Astaria while in the midst of a kill quest your kill quest monster count will reset to zero when you log back in.