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There are four outposts in the realm of Astaria. Each outpost is continually in danger. These are the Realm's first defense against wild, rabid, dire beasts that venture forth from the bordering wilderness. When one outpost spots an invasion of dire beasts, it blares its horn, for all adventurers to hear, regardless of your current location in the Realm.

If an outpost falls, it becomes overrun with beasts, and is much more difficult to reclaim than if the initial invasion had been repelled.

Defending or reclaiming towers grants your realmwide reputation, and animal hides, which can be cashed in for rewards at Jarsol, who can be found 1 east, 1 south of Starkeep Grand Hall.

Finally, upon attaining the reputation rank "Legend of Astaria," an adventurer can travel among each outpost on the back of eagles specially trained by the eagle trainers atop each outpost. It is important to note that if an outpost has fallen, it is impossible to travel to or from that outpost on the back of an eagle.


  • West Astaria Forest Wilderness Outpost
  • West Altheon Wilderness Outpost
  • South Sakai Wilderness Outpost
  • Northern Sunhillow Wilderness Outpost



  • a supply crate
  • bears_strength
  • wombats_grace
  • griffons_flight
  • badge_guardian
  • wolfs_bite
  • wolf_bag
  • badge_defender
  • wombat_bag
  • badge_bulwark
  • wyrms_sting
  • badge_bastion
  • lucks_embrace
  • badge_armor
  • spiders_entanglement
  • ward_arrows
  • ward_swords
  • Badge of Astaria's First Defense
  • ward_daggers
  • ward_clubs
  • adventurers_endurance
  • healers_blessing
  • magicians_inspiration
  • badge_hero
  • badge_legend
  • cbracers


  • The IIT (Impending Invasion Threat) raises its level and invasions are triggered on the hour give or take a few minutes.
  • Outside of the tower each mob is worth 1 reputation point. Inside of the tower points are not given to slain mobs.
  • For properly defending each tower or retaking an overrun tower is worth 10 reputation points.
  • 20 minutes after an Invasion starts if all of the mobs are not killed they will overtake and fill the tower.