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History of the Realm of Astaria

The eras of Astaria:

  • A1 - The first incarnation of Astaria, and largely thought of as large-scale beta testing, as presented by King Aquila and Queen Aurora. Ended in February 1997, to be replaced by...
  • A2 - The renaissance of the realm in terms of player activity, with logins regularly reaching the maximum number of connections allowed by the server, which in turn resulted in regular bouts of lag. Sable went down in an immense invasion in March 2005, and what arose from the ashes?
  • A3 - A new continent was discovered, and transport thereto was quickly established. New guilds were founded and many changes took place. This is the current incarnation of Astaria.
  • AROA - Known among the players as "A4," this is a super-secret project the wizardry is working on in order to create a better realm in which to adventure, as well as a backend that's easier to code for.