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Communication with players is vital to making friends and keeping up with the Astarian trends. A variety of communication methods are available, including but not restricted to:

  • say (available in current room)
  • emote, including whisper (available in current room)
  • yell (available in current or adjacent rooms)
  • tell (available anywhere, unless target is not receiving tells)
  • any global channel (see below)

Players can also communicate information via their setsenses and appearance, notably setlook. Some guilds can create items with custom descriptions, an unusual means of communication.

Channels (broadcasted communication)

Channels broadcast messages to all players tuned into them.

Usage: You can tune a channel in or out (eg, tune astaria in), or omit the channel name to tune them all (eg, tune in). Not all channels provide communication of custom messages. Non-communicable channels broadcast system-generated messages only. Use communicable channels by prepending a message with the name of the channel, eg: astaria Hello world!

List of globally-broadcasted channels:

  • astaria
  • ooc
  • politics
  • auction
  • sports
  • arena
  • music
  • wow
  • shout (takes 50% of HP)
  • diablo

Channels only broadcasted to the relevant groups:

  • clan
  • guild
  • helpline
  • wiz
  • masterguild

The default line in the realm is the astaria line. However it, along with most other channels, is only available to use once you have reached player level 3. The helpline channel is automatically tuned in when you arrive in astaria, and will automatically be shut off at player level 10. Wizards can view or use any channel at any time.

Other temporary channels of communication include party, mindlink, wizlink.

Non-communicable channels:

  • snipe
  • outpost
  • death
  • pose

Non-broadcasted communication


Tells are the most common method of speaking to a player without requiring them to be in the current room. Send a tell by typing 'tell <player> <message>'. " is an alias for tell. If you receive tells from random players, you may be suffering the insane status ailment. Also, some guild-summoned creatures can send but not receive tells.


Says are the easiest method of speaking to a player in the current room. Send says by typing 'say <message>'. ' is an alias for say (eg 'Hello world!). If you see someone talking in your vicinity that isn't making sense, you may be a witness to psibabble.